As a company having CSR ambitions at its core, our team is passionately committed to preserving the environment and ensuring social and economic sustainability through an organizational culture that holds the long-term interest of stakeholders above all. We continue to engage in the development of the community by tirelessly working for their well-being through various CSR initiatives influencing children, youth and women, for greater opportunities in life.

CSR and sustainability are indispensable filters of our strategic decisions in achieving long-term growth while addressing the burning issues of the coconut industry in Sri Lanka. To shoulder the same issue we (Tropicoir Lanka Private Limited, Growrite Substrates Private Limited, Euro Substrates Private Limited) have launched the “Anagathaya Wawamu” initiative in 2018 with an ambitious goal of planting 100,000 coconut plants by 2021 towards fulfilling a national obligation. We plan to engage all our team members, supply chain partners and the community to reach our objective of contributing to the national drive to increase coconut crops in the country for sustained growth and development of the industry. In addition we have commenced coconut plant nurseries at our locations and the pictures below show how the fruits of our labour have been reaped.

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